Ishihara Shintaro, Governor of Tokyo: gay, "a pity"

I send this letter from Japan.
I ask anxiously you to read the article below.

Ishihara Shintaro, Governor of Tokyo: gay, "a pity"

On December 7th, Tokyo Governor, Shintaro Ishihara said about gay "I feel that they lack something. Perhaps, it is all due to heredity. I feel sorry because they are minorities".

*snip*, ... he said "You know those gay people get their faces on TV without scruple. Japan is getting too unruly", on Dec.3. (An omittion).

On December 7th, Ishihara said, as a memory of his past visit to San Francisco, "I saw a gay parade, and they looked really pitiful. No matter if they are a couple of males or females, I feel something has got to be missing with them".

Referring to TV appearance of gay people, "they particularly emphasize their homosexuality with makeups and what they say and do. It cannot be seen in overseas", said Ishihara again.

(Mano Shinsaku)
Tokyo on December 08, 2010 Morning Mainitishinbun

石原都知事:同性愛者「気の毒」(毎日新聞 2010年12月8日 東京朝刊)

(translated by "P" 2010.12.28)

Japanese mass communication is out of order.
This issue is hardly reported on newspapers, TV and in other public news media and press.
I think that this current situation in Japan is shameful.

 I have changed my attitude of this problem. Liberalism might be more wide.
(in the autumn of 2012, appeared in this BLOG and added here on 13 February 2013.)